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Latest Online Slots & Other Free Casino Games

House of Fun

Just in time for Halloween we present to you House of Fun, featuring a spooky and macabre theme. This slot game, from Betsoft Gaming, comes complete with three unique bonus rounds. The fantastic graphics, spooky music and fun bonuses will make you want to play this game again and again.

Black Gold

Black Gold is a potentially enriching Wild West slot. Join Ol’ Cowboy Bill as he digs the fields for oil hoping to hit Black Gold and make his fortune. This online slot comes with two interactive bonus rounds, free spins and a center reel respins special feature. Don’t miss out. Play now for free.

Puppy Love

The Puppy Love slot from Betsoft is the latest addition to our collection of Plants and Animals slot games. This super cute slot is packed with gorgeous puppy dogs – you get to choose which one you want to take home in the Puppy Store Bonus Round. This game also comes with wild reels and free spins.


What a treat we have for Free Slots fans with the Birds slot from Betsoft! We’ve added this game to our Plants & Animal Slots because we’re sure it’s like nothing you’ve ever seen before. With a unique game concept and unsurpassable graphics and animations, the Birds slot is Betsoft at its best.

Event Horizon

Event Horizon from Betsoft is the newest addition to our Sci-Fi Slots collection. This slot is surprisingly simple for a Betsoft game but comes with an intriguing special feature in which two or more of its five reels sync during a spin, displaying the same symbols and boosting your chances of a win.


Boy (no pun intended!) are we excited to bring Betsoft’s Pinocchio slot to you. One of Betsoft’s most intricate 3D online slots, this fairytale slot comes with amazingly detailed graphics and incredible interactive bonus games and special features, including three different playing “worlds”. Try it no...

About Free Slots

Slots are one of the world’s most popular games. A conventional slot machine has three or more reels covered in symbols. You place your bet by inserting coins; then you spin the reels by pushing a button or pulling a lever. When the reels stop, if they display a winning combination of symbols, this triggers a payout of your prize money. Internet or online slots, although based on the concept of the traditional machine, take it to a higher level of sophistication, speed, and enjoyment for the player.


The first slot was invented by a Californian mechanic named Charles Fey at the end of the 19th century. Fey named his creation after its winning symbol – the "Liberty Bell". That game’s biggest prize was 10 nickels. As for Fey himself, he’d never be short of nickels again: his slot machines soon became a much-loved feature of bars and restaurants, and went on to take the gaming world by storm.

Online Slots

Slot games and their prizes have since moved into the 21st century. Software producers now spend millions creating internet slots that far surpass the conventional machine. The online versions are colorful, fast, easy-to-use, and come with authentic audio and sharp graphics. These products arguably now dominate the online casino industry.

Why Free Slots

Here we give you a wide variety of slots and other games try play free and just for fun. Our featured games range from fast-paced thriller types to the more traditional in style. We try to pick games that reflect the eclectic tastes and interests of our players, including sports, movies, adventure, romance, and Vegas and casino gaming.

Advantages of Playing on the Internet

  • Easy access – a compelling gaming experience from the comfort of your own home. There’s no need to dress up, no entrance fee and no stress.
  • Prizes – the prospect of placing a small bet that reaps massive rewards. Many online slots are linked to progressive jackpot networks that pay out prizes in the millions.
  • Themes – from Hollywood blockbuster movies to the traditional fruit machine, the experts have created a fun internet slot for every player’s taste.
  • Fairness – quality online gaming venues are subject to strict auditing and fairness checks.

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Here at Free Slots we give you the chance to join us in our favorite pastime and experience the fun for yourself. You can play for free on any slot you like. There’s no download and no registration. Each free slot comes with a straightforward commentary on the game’s key features and overall quality, compiled by our dedicated team of testers.

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