Around the World

Around the World Arcade Game

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This arcade game by Playtech combines the traditional card game of hi-lo and the tale of Phileas Fogg's epic journey around the world. The result is a modern online game that brings hi-lo to your screen in a way you've never seen it before. Get your ticket now!

Our Rating: ★★★★★★☆☆☆☆
Software Producer playtech
Game Type Hi-Lo
Min Single Bet $0.1
Max Single Bet $100
Max Total Bet $100
Mobile Version

Playtech has updated the conventional hi-lo format of a 52-card deck, but the idea is still that each time a number is revealed you guess whether the next one will be of a lower or higher value. You start your odyssey on a train with a safe stuffed full of cash and each time you guess correctly you nudge along your route past the Eiffel Tower, the Statue of Liberty, and the Great Wall of China, ending up at London's Big Ben where the safe bursts open revealing the prize.

How to Play

This Playtech creation resembles a board game, the kind you would have played at home with your family as a kid. But remember here the stakes are potentially much higher! Instead of clicking on a deck of cards to turn over the top one (a common feature of online hi-lo games) here the numbers 1-49 are embedded in a ship's wheel.

  • Simply click on the Higher or the Lower button, depending on what lady luck is telling you, and watch as the wheel spins. The number that ends up under the magnifying glass in the center determines whether you advance on your journey or not.
  • If you advance six steps (by guessing correctly six times) you'll have the option to cash out or continue. In that case, real money players have the chance to win a bigger prize by continuing.
  • Two incorrect guesses results in two strikes against you and the loss of your initial bet (if you were playing for real money).
  • By reaching each new level (represented by the Eiffel Tower, Statue of Liberty and Great Wall of China) any strike against you will be removed. Try this arcade game here Freeslots to see if you can make it all the way around to the grand prize.

Special Features & Ways to Win

If you're playing this game for real money, you win by making six correct guesses and then cashing out, or by making it all the way to the end of the Around the World trip and pocketing the grand prize. Real-cash players can place bets of up to $100 on a single game, but here at Free Slots you're just playing for fun. The features listed below make playing for free just a little more exciting.

Alongside the numbers 1-49 there are special symbols on the wheel:

  • (RS) Remove Strike, which makes any 'strike' you may have against you simply disappear
  • (AS) Advance Step, which moves you forward one place
  • (AL) Advance Level, which boosts you up to the next level
  • A 'guess again' feature, in which the wheel moves back to the previous number

Music, Audio and Graphics

Around the World comes with authentic music and audio that will remind you of hours spent playing at the 'real-life' arcades. The graphics are decent, but with no animations Around the World comes up a little short against Playtech's online slots, which on the whole provide a scintillating, interactive gaming experience. Never fear, you can play many of these slots for fun here at Free Slots, and players into arcade games like Around the World might especially enjoy our featured range of play-for-free adventure slot games.

The Last Word

Around the World moves away from the traditional hi-lo game format, for which Playtech deserves credit. The special features, although simple, are exciting as you can move to another level with just one spin of the wheel. All in all, at Free Slots we would recommend that arcade game fans try their hand at this fun and easy game, but there probably isn't enough going on here to keep you spinning for hours on end - it's a six out of ten folks.

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