Grand National Keno

Grand National Keno

Grand National Keno is an OpenBet arcade game that fuses a keno, an arcade classic, with Britain’s biggest and best annual horse racing event. The concept of the game is incredibly simply – this is keno after all – you simply pick numbers and start the race to see whether the first horses past the finish line match your picks.

At Free Slots we know lots of people take a flutter on the National, even those of us who aren’t frequent punters. So it seemed that Grand National Keno was an excellent choice for our fans, who like to play online games just for the fun of it.

Our Rating: ★★★★★★★☆☆☆
Software Producer openbet
Game Type Keno
Min Single Bet $0.25
Max Single Bet $10
Max Total Bet $10
Mobile Version

How to Play

As we said already, playing Grand National Keno really couldn’t be easier. First of all, decide how many credits you want to “stake” on the race (remember this is Free Slots so you’re not betting real money!). Then pick your eight numbers from the board either by clicking on them with the mouse or by clicking on the “random” button, which will choose the numbers for you. You’ll see that for each number you choose, a value appears beside it on the board’s right hand side. Then click on “Play” – the race starts, the horses begin to run across the screen. If any of them have your numbers on, then you win the corresponding amount of credits.

Special Features and Ways to Win

The basic concept of keno is such a simple, classic one that it would be difficult to incorporate sophisticated special features without making the game somewhat unrecognisable to its connoisseurs. So here at Free Slots Pro we think OpenBet has made good choice by not including a fancy bonus round. The special features of this game, as it were, are the horse racing audio and graphics – more on those below.

Music, Audio and Graphics

The best piece of audio on this game happens when the race starts. You’ll see the horse in the top left hand corner wearing a hat and smoking a cigar. Once you’ve hit play and the starter’s gun goes off, the horse begins commentating the race just as you would hear at the real races. The horses race across your screen with the sounds of hooves pounding the earth – it’s all very atmospheric. We do have one criticism though – the horses move so fast that it’s hard to see which numbers they have on their side. It’s a little unsatisfying as you like to see for yourself whether the numbers you’ve picked have come up.

The Last Word

By online arcade game standards, this does a very good job of bringing keno into the virtual world. It’s a seven out of ten from us.

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