Pyramid is a cutting-edge, Ancient Egypt-themed Arcade Game from OpenBet. As a straightforward symbol-matching game its basic structure is very simple and its control panel easy to operate, yet the game’s intricate design and imaginatively crafted backdrop of colourful Ancient Egyptian mummies lend it an air of exotic mystery.

The whole idea behind Pyramid is the build-up of tension and anticipation. Your job as the player is to pick a symbol then wait to see if it appears in next line of pyramid tiles to be overturned. The number of tiles per line decreases as the game continues, reducing your chances of getting it right. The excitement involved in taking this risk is what we believe will appeal to Free Slots Pro players.

Our Rating: ★★★★★★★☆☆☆
Software Producer openbet
Game Type Other
Min Single Bet $0.25
Max Single Bet $10
Max Total Bet $500
Mobile Version

How to Play

It’s very easy to play Pyramid. There are six rows of tiles laid out in the screen in the form of a pyramid. On the other side of each tile is an Ancient Egyptian symbol or hieroglyph. At the bottom of the screen you have a control panel that allows you to select the symbol you want to see appear as each row of tiles is overturned.

  • Your first step is to select (if you wish, and remember this isn’t relevant when you play at Free Slots Pro as all our games are cash-free) the amount of credits you want to “bet” on this session. Use the icon with the up and down arrows at the bottom left of the screen for doing this. Whatever you choose will be the bet for the whole session of six rows of tiles.
  • Then choose a symbol from the control panel at the center of the bottom of the screen.
  • Then hit the green play button. If the symbol you’ve chosen appears, you win!
  • Now decide whether to collect (by hitting the blue collect button) your “winnings” or to play on. If you choose collect, then all the other tiles in the pyramid will overturn, so you can see if you would have won had you continued playing with that symbol. If you play on, you can continue with the same symbol or choose a new one for each row you play. The number of symbols per row decreases as you play, thereby reducing your chances of success. As soon as you lose a row, all the winnings in your pot are deleted.

Special Features and Ways to Win

There are no additional bonus rounds or special features per say in the Pyramid Arcade Game. You “win” each time you play a row and your chosen symbol appears in that row. The main attraction for Free Slots players is the mounting tension and excitement as the game continues. How long will your luck last? You’ll have to play to find out.

Music, Audio and Graphics

The audio and graphics in Pyramid will be another attraction for our players. OpenBet has paid great attention to detail in crafting the tile symbols and the Ancient Egyptian imagery for this game. The music also provides a suitably spooky, eerie atmosphere for a game situated in the family tomb of some Ancient Egyptian royals.

The Last Word

An entertaining arcade game that will keep your curiosity high and motivate you to play more. We would have scored it higher if it had come with an additional bonus game or a special feature. It’s a seven out of ten from us at Free Slots.

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