Auto Roulette

Auto Roulette

For a sultry Vegas atmosphere, elegant casino music and ambience, and stunningly life-like 3D graphics – if you want a trip to the casino, Auto Roulette from OpenBet is the place to go. This casino game is definitely one of the more captivating versions of online roulette available, meaning that even Free Slots players, who aren’t going to win a dime by playing, will enjoy the experience of spinning the wheel.Auto Roulette is so named because its main special feature is all the automatic plays you can set up on the roulette wheel. These include all sorts of bets that the average roulette player may not even know of – French bets, finale bets, specials – meaning that this particular game is a great way to learn more about roulette and how it works.

How to Play

Playing Auto Roulette is only slightly more complicated than playing any other kind of ordinary online roulette, but once you’ve find your way around the controls you’ll be spinning away happily. Use your mouse to select which chip values (0.01 to 100) you want to bet and which numbers (red or black) on the roulette board you want to bet on. Remember it’s all fun money here at Free Slots Pro – no cash involved. Then hit Spin. That’s your basic play. See below under Special Features for a description of the different, more complicated plays you can make. Tip: on the right hand side of the screen there’ a bar called “History” – this shows you your last few spins and lets you keep track of your game.

Our Rating: ★★★★★★★★☆☆
Software Producer openbet
Game Type Table
Min Single Bet $0.01
Max Single Bet No Limit
Max Total Bet No Limit
Mobile Version

Special Features and Ways to Win

Auto Roulette is so “auto” that it’s packed with these special features to make playing quicker and easier. So we’ve picked a couple of the best here to tell you about.

  • Auto Bets - This allows you to create 8 of your own different bet sequences and then play them automatically, one after the other. For the more advanced player, the feature can be used to programme the game react to certain conditions after a particular spin; for example, you can set it to activate sequence 5 if sequence 4 wins, but maybe jump straight to sequence 6 if sequence 4 loses. But before you get into this you’ll want to acquaint yourself with some of the bet formats available.
  • Group Bets - The number board gives you the option of betting quickly on sets of numbers rather than placing individual chips on the board. For example, you can place what are known in the casino world as “French Bets”, groups of numbers on different locations on the board, with names such as “voisins du zero”, “orphelins” and “tiers”.

Music, Audio and Graphics

As far as graphics and audio are concerned, Auto Roulette is second to none. The 3D roulette wheel, atmospheric casino music and human voice of the croupier all lend themselves well to the creation of a realistic, sophisticated Vegas ambience.

The Last Word

Even for Free Slots players who aren’t betting a dime, just playing for fun, Auto Roulette offers something of interest and is well worth a few spins. It’s particularly suitable for those hoping to acquaint themselves with the finer points of roulette play. It’s an eight out of ten from us.

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