Event Horizon

Event Horizon

The first thing Free Slots Pro fans will notice about Event Horizon is that we’ve given it an unusually low score for a Betsoft game. This is because it frankly doesn’t offer much of interest to players who aren’t putting down real cash bets on their spins. So why even review it? Well, it has one very interesting special feature we don’t think you’ll have seen before: the Sync Reels Feature. More about that below.

Otherwise all you need to know is that Event Horizon is a Sci-Fi Slot presumably linked in creators’ minds in some way to black holes and all things Outer Spacey. Betsoft has paid lip service to the game’s theme by setting the reals against a background of stars and comet trails, but unusually for a Betsoft slot that’s about all you get in terms of back story with this game.

Our Rating: ★★★★★★☆☆☆☆
Software Producer betsoft
Paylines 243
Min Bet per Line $0.02
Max Bet per Line $0.25
Bonus Game
Mobile Version

How to Play

Free Slots players will notice that Event Horizon comes with a fairly traditional set of reel symbols and controls. The familiarity of high-value playing card symbols (Jack, Queen, King, etc.), bar symbols, cherry symbols and lucky number 7 symbols combines with the ease of the user-friendly control panel to make playing this slot an enjoyable experience.

Because no real money is ever wagered here at Free Slots Pro, all you need to do is hit the Max Bet button to spin the reels. The big difference with the Event Horizon slot game is that it’s an “any way pays” slot. This means that any combination of winning symbols is regarded as a win. There are a total of 243 different possible paylines.

Special Features and Ways to Win

Sadly, Event Horizon comes with no bonus rounds, no interactive features, and no animations. It does, however, boast one special feature that we think will make Free Slots Pro players curious, because it’s certainly the first time we’ve ever come across such a thing. This is the Sync Reels Feature.

With the Sync Reels Feature, during a spin two or more reels may become synced. This means they will display exactly the same symbols in the same position across the synced reels. This of course increases your chances of coming up with a winning line of matching symbols after a spin. If you were playing for real money this would boost your prize payout, but even though all spins here are free, we still thought this would be an interesting slot feature for our players to see and experience.

Music, Audio and Graphics

Audio and graphics on the Event Horizon slot are not great but also not bad. The game lay out is clear and attractive. The reels symbols are colorful but not animated. The sci-fi jingles are perfectly tolerable.

The Last Word

Event Horizon gets a six out of ten from us. You won’t play this game for long, but if you’re a slot geek you’ll like the Reel Sync Feature.

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