In our humble opinion at Free Slots Pro, Pinocchio is one of the best 3D slot games Betsoft has ever produced. The motto you’ll see displayed above the reels when the game opens is “Pinocchio: a classic story in a classic setting, but do not expect a classic slot machine!” – couldn’t be more true. This game’s 3D graphics and bonus games will blow you away.

The most exciting feature of Pinocchio for Free Slots players, who of course don’t play for money, is this slot’s “three worlds” feature.You begin play in Gepetto’s workshop, where, according to the classic tale, he created the puppet Pinocchio, who comes to life and wants nothing more than to be a real boy. As you progress through the game you collect certain reel symbols that give you access to two other worlds, the classroom world and the stagecoach world. Both these worlds offer their own distinctive special features. This keeps play fun and interesting, even when you’re not spinning the reels for money!

Our Rating: ★★★★★★★★★☆
Software Producer betsoft
Paylines 15
Min Bet per Line $0.02
Max Bet per Line $1.00
Bonus Game
Mobile Version

How to Play

Use of the control panel on the Pinocchio slot is fairly intuitive. The buttons are clearly laid out and labelled. Free Slots players would be as well to simply click on the Max Bet button each time, as in any case all spins on our site are totally free. The Max Bet button automatically spins the reels for you. If you’d like to a get a feel for adjusting the bet level or the number of activated paylines, the controls for doing this are at the bottom left of the reels. This fairytale slot comes with 15 paylines and you can bet up to five “coins” per line.

Special Features and Ways to Win

Pinocchio comes with so many special features we can’t list them all here. But here are the highlights:

  • Playing Worlds – the three playing worlds on this fairytale slot game are a feature that we have yet to come across in any other Betsoft (or non-Betsoft) slot. We hope to see more of these in future! You begin play in Workshop World and as you spin you collect symbols that grant you access to the Classroom World and the Stagecoach World. You’re looking for Books symbols for Classroom World and Wagon symbols for Stagecoach World. When you’ve collected enough you pass into the next world which comes with its own set of special features. The Playing Worlds feature is a real incentive to Free Slots players to keep spinning even though they’re not betting any money.
  • Real Boy Mode – Just as in the story, all Pinocchio the puppet wants is to become a real boy, it’s the same in the Pinocchio slot. As you spin the reels you have the opportunity to collect Real Boy Symbols. When you collect five, all Pinocchio symbols change to Real Boy Symbols and act as Wilds, thereby increasing your chances of winning some other way or triggering another special feature.
  • Fairy Awesome Respins – in certain scenarios, when a spin hasn’t been so successful, a Fairy will randomly fly across the reels and respin the reel that’s preventing a winning combination being formed. Again, this adds excitement and fun to money-free play and encourages you to keep playing for longer.

Music, Audio and Graphics

Graphics and audio on the Pinocchio slot are second to none. Both Gepetto and Pinocchio appear in 3D by the reels to keep you company as you spin. The 3D, interactive features of the bonus games and special features are some of the best Betsoft has ever produced. The animations on the reels are great too.

The Last Word

One of the best online slots out there for Free Slots fans. Will hold your interest for ages even without a real bet. It’s a nine out of ten from us.

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